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Two Rhythms Logo

Touch Trust is transitioning to a new name, Two Rhythms.

More information can be found at the FAQ below.


Why are you changing your name?

We provide a range of educational and therapeutic programmes, and not all our guests receive therapies that use touch. Our new name better reflects the services we provide to all our guests.

Are you changing your services?

No. The method we use will not change, and we will still use touch where it is appropriate.

What does ‘Two Rhythms’ mean?

The two natural rhythms of breath and heartbeat have always been a key element of the method created by our founder, the late, Dilys Price OBE. Every guest, regardless of their age, physical or mental health, brings their two rhythms to each session. It’s an inclusive name, that clearly communicates that we are an arts charity.

Will you still be based at the Wales Millennium Centre?

Yes, we remain a resident at the WMC. We are always looking at ways to reach guests beyond Cardiff, including outreach and ‘pop-up’ events at other venues.

Is there anything else about the charity changing?

We want to become more visible and find ways to reach more guests. Our values and our mission are not changing. Everything you love about the charity will remain.

Why does it still say ‘Touch Trust Ltd’ on my invoice/charities commission website?

For the time being, the official name of the charity will remain ‘Touch Trust Ltd’ but we will also trade as ‘Two Rhythms’. This will give us time to make all the necessary changes, including our legal documents.

I’m concerned that my loved one won’t like the change. Can we talk about it?

Of course. We know that even small changes can be difficult. Please get in touch with us at or (both will reach us), and we’ll plan the transition together.

Questions from Touch Trust members

Do we also need to change the name of our Touch Trust services?

Yes, but not straight away. We know this will take some time. We will help you make the changes, and we hope all our members will transition by the end of 2024.

Will we need new signage/t-shirts?

Yes, but again, we’ll help you with this. For now, please continue to use your existing Touch Trust materials.


Got another question? We want to hear from you. Email or use our ‘Contact Us’ page