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Touch Trust Sessions

Touch Trust was founded in 1996 and became a registered charity in 1998. Our founder, the late Dilys Price OBE, was an art of movement and dance specialist taught by Rudolph Laban. At Touch Trust, we look beyond a person’s diagnosis and celebrate what each of our individual guests can do.

Dilys’ unique and licensed program, follows an incredibly thoughtful structure including touch/gentle massage, breathing techniques, music, dancing, movement and relaxation. A Touch Trust session follows a smooth energy curve, allowing an individual to experience the multi-sensory benefits of each section. Our sessions aim to release endorphins, promote good body and spatial awareness, build confidence, encourage turn taking and increase social connection.

The program is structured, which is very valuable for our guests who need routine. However, our creative facilitators are trained to work alongside the needs of each guest and will make positive adjustments wherever needed to ensure a guest is enjoying their session at their own pace. We promote independent choice and praise; each session is a celebration!

Touch Trust is naturally a person-centered charity, all about how we can communicate and without speaking by using positive touch, music and movement. We run our Touch Trust sessions weekly for groups and individuals both virtually and in person.

Price List:

Touch Trust 121 – £50 per hour session

Touch Trust Group – £30 per hour session

Touch Trust Virtual 121 (led over Zoom) – £40 per hour session

Touch Trust Virtual Group (led over Zoom) – £20 per hour session

Please note we often offer reduced price weekend sessions for our younger guests and families. Please contact us to see if these are currently running.

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