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Touch Trust sessions

“ Husband and I wish to express our delight at N’s progress in Touch Trust. Our original reservations have been swept away. N comes home relaxed, receptive and altogether a happy young girl. Wednesdays have become a beacon in the week, the day that we know she will eat and sleep all night. I don’t know how it works but this has done so much for our child.” 

Feedback for our Online Sessions

“We have been lucky to keep in touch with you and have loved them. Thank you so much, you really are all stars and have kept my daughter smiling this year”

“We were still able to feel the essence of a Touch Trust session in our own home.  My son was finding it difficult to get to sleep, but he placed his own hands on his chest and focused on this breathing without being promoted just like in the face-to-face sessions he used to have at the centre.”