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Rosie’s Blog – September 2023

Exploring your authentic creative self – working with disability and art.

Art is a universal language which can transcend barriers of verbal communication to tell stories, emotions and thoughts. Art is able to celebrate diversity – everybody can create it which enables it be a creative source and outlet to those who are often suppressed in society.

There are many different types of art forms whether it be music, dance, ceramics or painting. The versatility of many creative outlets means it can be adaptable and accessible for all.

We have the ability to appreciate the beauty of the art we create and the beauty of the creations of others. It is important to highlight the immense talent that exists within the disability community as this often enables ‘neurotypicals’ to have an insight/viewpoint into a different perspective of the world that we live in.

At Touch Trust we have found many different art forms to be beneficial for our guests. One of the most important qualities of a creative outlet is the expression it gives our guests. Through dancing, a guest may express their excitement or mood. Painting can enable us to process difficult emotions.

Our Touch Trust sessions our person centred which gives the guests control of their own sessions. We aim to for the guests to feel a sense of empowerment whilst immersing themselves in a sensory experience. We are an inclusive charity which makes sure anyone can create and engage in art.

It is a honour to watch our guests become artists in control of their own self expression.

19 September 2023