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Take Care of Yourself

Mindfulness Technique: Creating A Safe Space.

Make sure you are sitting comfortably for this exercise, we encourage you to keep your eyes closed.

Try to focus on your breathing, the rise and fall of your shoulders as you exhale in and out. Don’t worry if you are distracted by noises in your surrounding environment, if you feel your concentration drift, bring it back to focus on your breathing.

Exhale from your mouth and breathe in through your nose. Sometimes, it is easier to focus on the sensation of breathing and the effects this has on the body rather than counting your breaths.

As you start to relax, picture yourself in an environment where you feel safe. This could be a room in your house which brings comfort or an open space, such as a beach or forest.

Try to imagine the different sounds that are in this space, can you hear bird song? the rise and fall of the tide or your favourite music playing in the background. You have the control in this environment, to bring yourself peace.

As your mind unwinds and you become more aware of the safe space you have made, you can try to immerse your senses in to this safe space. Perhaps there are calming smells in this space that make you at ease: such as the smell of the sea or a lavender field.

Be in the moment of your relaxation. Some people may like to imagine they have a pet with them in their safe space as this can provide an extra layer of comfort.

You can stay in your special place for as long as you need, when you feel ready just bring your awareness back to your breath and slowly open your eyes. You can return to your special safe place whenever you need to.


21 August 2023