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CEO’s Blog – April 2023

A picture of Touch Trust CEO, Gray Hill


Wow! I can’t believe it’s been three months already!  

I’m still so excited to have joined this wonderful charity. This organisation has a long and proud history of making a real difference to our guests, their families, and carers. I am honoured to have been given the opportunity to build on this and to lead it into a new era of growth and impact.

Speaking of history, my first surprise came just hours into my new role; while reviewing documents, I saw that Touch Trust was first registered as a company in December 1998. That means that at the end of the year, we’ll be 25 years old! (You’ll hear much more about our birthday plans in the months ahead!)

Our inspirational founder, the late Dilys Price, knew that our base in Cardiff needed to be a focal point for the charity. Not just to provide specialist facilities but somewhere that was truly inspirational.   One of my first goals this year was to recommit to our home in the Wales Millennium Centre, and I’m delighted that we’ll continue to be part of its creative community. I’m looking forward to collaborating further with the team at WMC as well as our fellow resident charities, organisations and creative industry leaders.


A picture of a laptop in the café of the Wales Millenium Centre. The image on the screen says, 'Joy, Friendship & Imagination'

I’m often found at Ffwrnais, the new café and workspace in the WMC. If you see me, come and say hello!


I joined Touch Trust, knowing I would meet and work with many remarkable people. I’ve spent most of my career working for charities, and this is so common that it can be taken for granted. I am deeply impressed by the passion and dedication of our team, but also their resilience and ability to adapt. They ensure that each guest is welcomed with warmth and friendship and is treated equally. Also impressive is the wealth of talent each possesses. I get to work with talented professionals but also artists, dancers, actors, musicians and performers of great variety! They are the creative spark that ignites the imagination of our guests.

Of course, plenty of challenges are ahead, and I know we’ve been through some tough times in recent years. We’ll continue rebuilding our charity gradually and carefully, celebrating each step and learning from setbacks. 2023 is a special year for us, and we’ll gather momentum in the months ahead. You’ll notice some changes on the way, but nothing at our core. From the board of Trustees through the entire team, there is a consensus of values, and our shared mission and collective vision will guide the way.

We have a great community and are grateful for all your love and support. The truth is that we need more people to know us and support us so that more people can benefit from us.  If you can help, please consider making a regular donation or just tell a friend about our work. It really does help.

Thanks to everyone who has welcomed me into the Touch Trust family,  and if I’ve yet to meet you, there will be opportunities to do so soon. In the meantime, you can always reach out to me if there’s something I can help with.

Be well,

Gray Hill

24 April 2023