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Remembering our Founder, Dilys, on her 90th Birthday

Today marks the 90th Birthday of our dearly missed Founder and Creater of the charity Dilys Price OBE.

A beautiful soul that lived life to its fullest, who advocated and strived for the best of life for all she met. She taught many of us to see the beauty in everyday. We remember her with a warm heart, a smile and of course a dance!

Touch Trust is closed today for the bank holiday, but we are sure Dilys would be thrilled to see our newest Touch Trust students join us this weekend for their last in-house training day…

“I am proud I have been able to copyright and license the programme with the plan to take it to those many more who would benefit from it’s unique power and beauty. I want to reach the world!” – Dilys Price OBE.

3 June 2022