James Duggan

Touch Trust College of Arts Co-ordinator

My name’s James and I’ve recently taken over as Post 19 College Co-ordinator. I’m a passionate musician and enjoy sharing these skills with anyone who is willing to listen. I graduated from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama attaining a 2:1 in B.Mus specialising in Jazz.  Aside from working at Touch Trust I’m currently working towards attaining a Masters in Music Therapy. I’m looking forward to helping all of our guests develop as our sessions progress this year. If you have any questions or would just like to say hello please feel free to stop me next time you are at Touch Trust.

Heather Fury

Touch Trust College of the Arts Seesion Leader

Heather has been at Touch Trust since 2010 when she attended as a musician in the Post 19 sessions. She felt inspired to train as a Session Leader and has been leading sessions since 2011. Having graduated with a music degree from Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, she is now training to be a Music Therapist.


Liz Harris

As one of Touch Trust’s session leaders, in my spare time I belong to ‘Striking Attitudes’, a Cardiff dance company for older dancers. We were recently selected to perform in the Elixir Festival at Sadlers Wells Theatre.

Our performance piece was inspired by artefacts found some years ago at a Cardiff house sale -dresses, patterns, letters, notebooks - revealing a fascinating insight into the life of its owner, Miss Griffiths.

It was an amazing experience to be part of the Elixir Festival which is about celebrating lifelong creativity and its importance for the health and wellbeing of individuals and society.

Touch Trust promotes and facilitates the appreciation and practice of the Arts for all, believing that every person, irrespective of restrictions, is gifted with unique self -expression and the ability to connect with another soul.

The dance piece was about honouring the memory of one individual life.

Miss Griffiths wasn’t famous but she was unique and valuable.

Here at Touch Trust we recognize the uniqueness of each guest and we strive to honour their individual worth.

Our goal is to help our guests fulfil their creative potential but equally to demonstrate to a wider community the immense value and importance of its perceived ‘weaker’ members.

Whoever we are and whatever challenges we face, let’s seek to truly connect with one another and celebrate the good stuff of life, including Touch Trust.