Research Article 26/08/2014

Ty Gwyn A (Ages 15 – 19)

The following statistics were taken from surveys given to the parents and/or carers of group Ty Gwyn-A who are composed of people aged fifteen to nineteen. All the questionnaires which this research relates to were completed immediately after the session had finished.

The first question was -
“Have you noticed any changes in your client/son//daughter after coming to touch trust sessions.” To which 100% of the parents and/or carers agreed that their client/child had an increase in their wellbeing and happiness.

33% agreed that they saw an increase in social development whereas another 33% agreed they saw an improvement in physical development such as coordination and balance. 33% also agreed that they saw improvement in communications with their child/client after attending the sessions at Touch Trust.

The second question on the survey was -
“After your client/son/daughter attends Touch Trust sessions, you notice…”

50% said that they noticed a more relaxed atmosphere in the house or whilst on a trip after the touch trust sessions. 16% went on to say that sleeping patterns improved and bowel movements improved.

One parent commented that it was “Always an enjoyable session” that left their child feeling more “Relaxed.”

The third question on the survey was -
“Are there any changes to you and other staff who attend Touch Trust sessions regularly?”

66% said that they felt happier and more relaxed with 33% commenting they were “Less anxious.” 83% also agreed that they had a better relationship with their child/client after attending the Touch Trust sessions with them and 16% went on to say that they “Enjoyed life more” due to the Touch Trust sessions.

A carer commented that “It was a good session. Relationship between myself and client improved” after attending a Touch Trust session.


When asked how long they had been attending 83% were between 2 weeks to 2 months and the other 17% had been coming longer, between 3 – 6 months. Everyone who attended a session (Over 2 weeks) saw an improvement in wellbeing and happiness with one parent commenting -
“(My child) laughs a lot after attending Touch Trust.”

By Craig Barker (12/08/14)