Spring Project Performance 2014 25/06/2014


“My contention is that creativity now is a important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status” Sir Ken Robinson

Touch Trust’s Spring-term  three day project focused on ‘Celebrating Creativity in Wales’. Drawing inspiration from Dylan Thomas and Roald Dahl’s works, it culminated in a great performance showcasing each of the guest’s compositions and encouraging audience participation all the way. With strong support from volunteers at Principality Building Society and local musicians improvising throughout the project, it was a great success.


Inspired by Dylan Thomas’ 100 Year Anniversary, Touch Trust focused their springtime project on the wonderful art that has come from Wales. Predominantly drawing upon the writers Dylan Thomas and Roald Dahl, the project invited its beautiful guests to explore the texts and bring them alive.

Running for three days the project explored all things Welsh: imagining the valleys and hills within the group; diving into the industrial scenery; listening to all the music Wales has to offer, old and contemporary, folk, classical and pop; and of course using the strong narratives from a host of authors to create unique compositions. Aided by talented local musicians and singers from the community and Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, the special guests were treated to top quality live performances bespoke for their authentic creations.

After bringing the two days’ worth of material together, the project culminated in a professional spectacle on the ‘Glanfa Stage’, the free public stage in the Wales Millennium Centre. The performance showcased each of the guest’s masterpieces in their awesome splendour supported by respectful support staff, family and Touch Trust’s own staff.


The performance consisted of some guests displaying their sea-based themes inspired by edited extracts of Dylan Thomas’ ‘Under Milk Wood’. Here we saw some guests flowing like the oceans with greens and blues and also turning into sea creatures. Then the remaining guests showed their compositions based on extracts of Roald Dahl’s ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ or ‘Georges Marvellous Medicine’. This revealed our guests churning out chocolate rivers, working the cogs and pulleys and brewing medicine.

There was also a duet dance choreographed by Touch Trust’s friend, Leila Bebb, which based its plot on a wizard turning a lady in red into a dragon! During the performance the audience were asked to participate in several events which included our breathing exercise, creating their own factory sounds, getting blown by a storm and, of course, getting up and having a dance with the performers in the finale!

To finish the performance everyone headed back to Touch Trust to reveal the winners of the raffle prizes (which raised over £160!) then everyone ate cake and nibbles. Each guest also received a lovely gift and a Touch Trust Certificate of Excellence for their involvement in the project.

Everyone enjoyed the whole experience and there were comments that the performance had a new found level of ‘maturity’. The guests exhibited real joy throughout white was witnessed by the fantastic staff and also parents, family and other audience members.

In order to make the project and if course the performance an ultimate success Touch Trust constantly relies not only on its excellent guests and staff but also on its volunteers. This time we were inundated with them! There were musicians and also staff from Touch Trust’s latest friends at Principality Building Society, who dedicated time, effort (and raffle prizes!), without whom the project would have been less successful.

Touch Trust also managed to obtain amazing performers from long-time friends, the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and Community Music Wales. The performers volunteered their talents openly by helping to create the content of the project, performing live music and poetry, and all improvising for each guest making their participation completely unique.

 All the volunteers not only had a part in the performance (whether little or large), but also helped set the stage, lifting and heaving equipment and furniture, and then eventually taking everything back again! We feel they made great friends with the guests and connected on a very ‘real’ level. Touch Trust wishes to thank them all and looks forward to working with them again very soon!