Communicating through Touch 11/12/2013

 ‘Communicating through Touch’ workshop

Tuesday 10th December 2013.


In discussing working with children, adults, those on the autistic spectrum and those who are deaf-blind it was said that ‘Merry-Making’, Positivity, being natural and joyous were what they really know works.

Here’s what the participants said after seeing us in action and how we apply the programme:

‘Watering positive seeds’

‘Making memories’



Finally to end the course:

Q: from the workshop leader:

“Can you give us one word on how the whole day has been for you?”


“Super Fantastic”


“Celebration of the moment”

“Courage, confidence and knowledge is what I feel”

And one lady told us that she was so moved and could hardly speak – her word was her feeling


Amazing, thank you Paul, Elyssa, Victoria and Yvonne for making the day!!

Karen and Dilys