Lydia's Take on Touch Trust

Lydia's Take on Touch Trust 10/09/2013

Lydia supported us during the Blysh Festival in July. She has kindly provided us with a testimonial describing her experiences with us and we thought we would include it for your veiwing pleasure. Also, there is a nice looking photograph to accompany her words to further enhance your veiwing pleasure. How are we scoring, readers?!

Sending many good wishes to Lydia for her endeavours. Lydia, if you happen to be reading this hello to you and come back to visit us soon.

Throughout my week in Touch Trust I was constantly excited about what new activity we were going to be doing next, as every activity is full of lots of fun, enthusiasm, colours and expressive movement! I found myself learning new things throughout the week about the people around me, watching how one can express themselves in all kinds of different ways; whether it be through, dance, sound, colours or movement.

Being at Touch Trust, surrounded by the positive, kind, and caring atmosphere that is always there, I found myself constantly smiling! Meeting new people and getting to know them was just so amazing and enjoyable!

 I found it incredibly soothing within Touch Trust, especially at the end of every session where everyone just relaxes and chills out, watching colours and listening to beautiful quiet music that just takes you into a whole new dimension, making you feel carefree :)

At the end of the week, doing the big performance was one of the best things that I have ever been involved in! Watching the smiles on everyone's faces, having a fantastic time and just having pure fun! Especially at the end when everyone just got up and had a good old dance! It was great! Anyone who hasn't seen or been involved in a Touch Trust performance hasn't lived!

Lydia has been wearing her Friends of Touch Trust Tshirt on her travels and even the elephants want to know who we are!