We're back! 05/09/2013


We're back! We're sorry the website has been down for a while. We had a few technical issues which have all been straightened out now. So what's been happening?

There's a new addition to the 'Director's Blog' portion of the website. Just before Dilys jets to India in the early hours of tomorrow morning, she has found the time to put ink to paper to write something inspirational for everyone to read!

That's right - if you hadn't heard about it before, Dilys Price and fellow colleague (Session Leader) Claire Whistance will be travelling together to India, in the early hours of Friday morning. The pair will spend a few days sight seeing before preparing themselves to deliver Touch Trust sessions at a deprived school in Tibet. The project will last 2 weeks, after which, India will be their oyster. (Or curry...) We hope this will form a powerful link between the two of us, between India and Wales, which will last for many, many years. Whilst the school cannot afford to pay for the sessions or travel expenses, Dilys and Claire have taken it upon themselves to cover every expense. We'd like to think of the whole endeavour as a gift from Touch Trust! Everyone at the Welsh 'headquarters' will be missing them both and eagerly await their return - we're sure there will be plenty of stories to be told and heard!