What's been occurring.. 19/08/2013


What have we been up to recently? A lot of things actually. We've been enjoying great success with our Summer Sessions , we're hoping to continue these during the next school holiday season. It's nice to think that the kids will have somewhere to go during the holidays which, as we know, can get boring after a while - but it's even better to know that they've enjoyed coming down to see us to make use of their free time! If you haven't taken advantage this time around, why not try the next?

Our After School Club is still going strong and we're always looking for new little (or big!) members to join us for the Tuesday afternoon fun! We're currently running them at 4.00pm. The club generally lasts for about an hour and is currently running only on Tuesdays, though with enough demand we would definitely consider other days too!

Director Dilys Price has also been keeping herself busy, as usual! What the ordinary person like you and I might feel life-threatening, Dilys considers a thrill. Hence, she has been skydiving again recently, and will be taking part in Extreme Sailing on bank holiday Monday. Whatever next? I did mention batsuits to her...whereby you wear something resembling a wetsuit but once you unfold your arms, you've got wings..almost.. a-la our vampiric friend, the bat. Jumping off a cliff. I was joking, though I saw something in her eye which said "Challenge accepted".

Dilys has also just been informed that she has won the Understanding Disability Awards 2013 for "Celebrating Learning Disability Inclusion." She will receive her Special Inspirational Lifetime Achievement Award on the 26th November. Congratulations!