Time for you 29/05/2013


The ‘Time for You’ Project for Parents:

‘A Co-operative Integrative Parents Workshop’


‘Time for You’ – looking after the parents of our guests is Touch Trust’s way to become even more involved in their child’s development, joy and happiness. The ‘Time for You’ project bridges the parent / session leader gap and will further increase your involvement in your child’s wellbeing as well as refreshing and uplifting your body, mind and spirit.

We have noticed for a long time that our Saturday Children’s sessions are attended and supported by devoted parents, by you, whose lives are very much centred on the needs of your child and that you are not getting enough quality time to relax, play a little and create together.

The proposal:

We are proposing to run sessions at the Touch Trust, based on relaxation and stress release for Parents. Whilst this is taking place we will be running a regular Touch Trust Session for your child. In the room next door !

The Idea:

The idea is for you to relax, connect and have some quality time together knowing that your children are having fun, safely nearby.


The children would need to have a partner for their sessions and so depending on what was appropriate they could be accompanied by a family member or carer, or we could provide a partner from Touch Trust.


  • The date for the first session would be May 25th. More dates to follow: Watch this space
  • We are initially looking for three families / couples to come along.
  • We thought perhaps starting with yourselves and fellow parents is a good place to begin.
  • If you are interested please get in touch with any suggestions, questions or to book a place.

 The Benefit:

  • You will be re-charged with a positive energy and well-being!
  • Refreshed body, mind and spirit
  • A great Saturday experience

 The Cost:

 Absolutely free

 Please let us know if you would like to book a place

 The session format:

Welcoming everybody after introducing ourselves and how we are feeling today. A little bit about this Project and what Touch Trust would like to give to the families of our beautiful guests.

  1. Starting with aDrumming Circleled by Rachel
  2. Drawing our Dreams led by Karen
  3. Break for Tea and cake
  4. The TT Massage Pack led by Rachel
  5. Visualisation and Relaxation led Karen


We've had some great feedback from our pilot session that we ran last Saturday. Out of everyone that attended, every single person said they would recommend it to someone else! Here are the comments that the attendees wrote from that day :

“Thank you, just not long enough!”


“Very enjoyable, thank you!”


“Thank you all at Touch Trust, for welcoming me and making me feel special”


“Really enjoyed session and good to do something with my husband. Thank you.”

 We were also delighted to hear that our session met everyone's expectations. If you didn't make it to the last one, why not come along next time? Our next session will take place in Autumn, please phone Karen or Rachel for details - 02920 635664