Communicating through touch 24/05/2013


We've pulled together the comments from our last 'Communicating through Touch' course that people who actually attended it wrote - so you can see what you can experience, and what you can expect to gain from it! We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did!





"New skills on relaxing for myself and the clients I work with"

"How to communicate effectively with my clients"

"The importance of Touch, relaxing, clearing mind"

"Relaxation, positivity, understanding"

"Way of feeling relaxed by massage"

"New ideas , relaxation"

"Innovative ideas"

"Praise, encouragement, resources, persistance"

"I have learned how to relax and not take myself so seriously"

"Gained an invaluable experience that will help throuh life as a support worker"

"Being comfortable in myself and my abilities and being able to reflect that in my work and pursuing with what I believe is right, regardless of other people's negativity."

"An adaptable structure, the importance of using all senses as possible, the importance of staff to create energy, the importance of relaxing"

"Communication is vital - event the smallest of gestures / movements are important. Trust. Be positive."

"Activities that can work with our clients and how touch can affect people in different ways"

"Relaxation, happy mood, clear mind"

"Understanding better how touch helps clients feel safe, relaxing more"

"Inner peace"