'The Magic Moments' Bulletin

'The Magic Moments' Bulletin 02/05/2013

Session leader Angela shares, with absolute delight, some of the beautiful expressions from a guest this week. In this bulletin we fondly refer to guests as 'Superstars'

 In the enlivement section of the session to the sound of Kylie Minogue's 'Locomotion' this Superstar gently kicked a ball from side to side with both feet. His partner in the session was so happy to share in this moment and to see this new and independant movement development.  Even though his partner has worked with him for three years, this new development shows that there is a wealth of possibilities still to be discovered.

Such an expression is a gift to us and indicitive of the potential of the individuals we have the pleasure of forming connections with. It's great to be sharing these with you; 'magic moments' are frequent - resonating long after the moments have passed. 

We'll be back with more for you very soon. This is an opportunity to extend our well wishes and celebratory thoughts to all of our guests' , their families and session partners.