Friday's protest

Friday's protest 18/02/2013

We protested outside County Hall once again last Friday, peacefully, to show our opposition to the proposed funding cuts. We handed in our online petition (which is still available to sign) which had at that point, 1,300 signatures. Thank you to all that have signed so far. Julie Morgan was also present, for which we are grateful for! One of our session leaders, Yvette Halfhide, mentioned, "“If they saw what we do, they would realise how essential it is to keep funding going and to continue to support us because we give so much to the community.”

Sandra Perkins, mother of regular attendee Naomi Perkins said, "It is a lifeline for us. I couldn’t answer how we would cope if Touch Trust closed because we would be so devastated.”

An article on the protest has also been published by Wales Online, viewable under the following link :

(Please note that Dilys is quoted to having said that we are set to lose £50,000 which is an error, the proposed funding cut is still £15,000 which is the maximum of what we have been allocated)

A letter from Julie Prosser pleads to the council asking them to reconsider their decision. Some of the things mentioned in her letter include, "There is no other place like this!" and she asks "Whatever happened to Equality and Human Rights."

She ends the letter with,

"Therefore, you can imagine how I feel, when the Touch Trust, the ONLY place that offers exceptional facilities, total understanding and awareness of what it takes, to help ones with PMD to meet their full potential.  They can help these ones to flourish, grow and realise that life can be fun, life can be enjoyable.  They are in danger of being shut down because of lack of funding?  This is such an outrage! 

 I plead with anyone, who can help in making our society aware of our failing such unique and beautiful individuals.  They don’t deserve to lose Touch Trust.  Please help us fight for the funding for Touch Trust."